Services Setup

Hey welcome to TIKLE!

I've prepared a list of steps that you should take when setting up our IT Services

The Dashboard handles all access, Usernames and Passwords for services, Your characters, and Groups.

Please follow these steps, there is multiple services to setup and skipping one or more will make you unable to communicate with TIKLE..

Head to that link, which we will now refer to as the Dashboard and Log in with Eve Online. Make sure your Main character is selected

PLEASE NOTE, When it asks for an email address to tie to the account WE CANNOT SUPPORT HOTMAIL due to it not supporting modern mail security


You will end up here, on the left are some tools, your characters, groups etc. Continue on to set these up.
On the main dashboard, there is an Add Character button. Click this and select each of your additional EVE Characters and give us access to them. If the characters you want to add do not appear on the dropdown, click Cancel, then log in with your next account.

This is tying all your characters to your one Dashboard Account

Confirm your "Main Character" is selected, if it is not use "Change Main"
Confirm the page shows that you are in a corp within the alliance. Afterwards, continue to next step. This may take 15-30 minutes.

Select the Services button on the Left Navigation Pane

You will land here!
Register for Mumble, Forums and Discord. This will generate you usernames and passwords to use for each service. If you lose these you can generate another.

8. Configure 2FA for discord ... entication

9. Tweak Discord notification options, by Right clicking the Tactical Voltage server then Notification Settings.

@mentions will message you only on pings, DO NOT SERVER MUTE or you will miss stuff. Use the notification overrides to mute specific channels like #rorquals....

10. Setup Mumble if not already setup!

Download your version of mumble from the above link. We highly reccomend the 1.3.0 Beta.

Connect to the Tactically Challenged Server.
The server will prompt you for a password. That password is located on the appropriate row of the services page. Copy paste and your off! You will see a little head+ on mumble on the right edge of the screen on your names row. That signifies you are currently registered.

Configure a shortcut for Push to Talk

Click the Configure button and select settings to land at the below page!
Configure a Local Bind as follows
Lets log into the forums! ... mode=login
05/01/16 - Transferred post from Pbatt to Ariel Rin, updated images and added local binds to mumble
12/06/17 - Added in note for MacOS users to use, due to certificate requirements
23/04/18 - Removed Jabber
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