Resetting Passwords

No matter what service you are thinking of, the forums, jabber, mumble, psyops, the webcam feed of Fawlty's bedroom, all services passwords are set through the dashboard.

Even if you have forgotten your password to the dashboard, it too can be reset through the dashboard.

First, navigate to the dashboard at
It will probably ask you to log in :
If you can not remember your password, click the "Reset' button.
It will then ask you for your email address :
Fill it in and click the button. You will get an email with instructions. Follow them.

If you still need to reset a services password, you are now logged into the dashboard.
Click on the services link (you used this when you followed the "how do I setup services" guide by pbatt.

It will look something like this :
However, instead of scary white space, it will have things like your username and your password for various services.
Either copy and paste them into whatever is telling you that your password is wrong, or click the blue button to generate a random new one.
If you think you can be trusted, click the orange button and set your own password.

Please note, it might take up to 30 seconds for these passwords to sync through the various services.

Re: Resetting Passwords

If you continue to have issues, please contact me "Ariel Rin" in game
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